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I'm new to Alma. How do I get started?

You have two choices; you could create an account online using the "Purchase Classes" link on our site or arrive 15 minutes before class begins and allow us to handle the dirty work. Check the "Where Do I Begin" tab for more information. 

What should I bring to class?

An open attitude, a mat, water, and a towel. Mats are available to borrow for free and towels can be rented for $1. Water is sold at the studio for $1 as well. 

What should I wear to practice?

Look for active wear that is soft, flexible and allows freedom of movement. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

What is “Yoga”?

Yoga literally means “yoke” (a link that joins together) or “unity.” This unity refers to oneness of body and mind. The purpose of yoga is to bring together the body and mind to create harmony or well-being. There are eight limbs in classical yoga but in the West yoga usually refers to the third limb-Asana or “postures.” Asana practice is a series of physical movements that promote balance, strength, stamina, and flexibility. Unlike other activities, the only goal of yoga is to gain control, to know your-self...your mind, body, and spirit.

Can I do yoga even though I am not flexible?

Don’t avoid yoga just because you think you are not flexible. Did you know how to read before you went to school? If you have tight muscles, yoga is exactly the thing that can help you increase flexibility.

What time should I arrive for class?

Arriving too early could interfere with your teacher and arriving too late can be very disruptive. We think showing up 15 minutes before class begins is the perfect amount of time for you to settle in and prepare for your practice. Please be aware that we value our client's time and therefore, we are prompt with our start times. If the door is locked upon arrival, please respect the peace and avoid knocking on the door and/or windows. We ask that you attend the next class that is convenient for you.