ALMA Yoga is committed to sharing yoga in an integrative way that awakens physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, our teachers share their love of yoga with anyone, any age, any level. 


We have options for all levels


Sweat Your Soul

Experience suggested

Alma’s very own Hot Vinyasa class! This is a dynamic vinyasa flow practice. Vinyasa links breath with movement to get the heart rate going and challenge the student. This class teaches us more awareness of moving from the core to finding “inner strength.” The room is set to approximately 100 degrees to provide for a detoxifying sweat. Experience strongly suggested.

Hot Mashup


A unique, fun, & heated class that will combine poses from the 3 very different styles of yoga: Bikram (Hot 26), Vinyasa, & Yin. The room is heated to approximately 105 degrees. Great playlists every week too.

Hot Power Hour


This one hour power class is exactly that – INTENSE! It will tone, shape, and strengthen every muscle in the body! Be prepared to work, sweat, and smile! Room heated to approximately 95 degrees.

Warm Deep Stretch & Tone


A fun & unique class that gets you in touch with your physical body and mind awareness. By combining Yin Yoga & free weights, we’ll increase flexibility and tone the muscles of the body. A great class for any level practitioner. Room heated to 90 degrees.

Warm Your Soul


This class is perfect for those who want to test the waters of a heated class. You will learn how to tie in breath with movement and focus on proper alignment. You will detoxify, heal and rejuvenate the body! This class will challenge you, transform you, take you to new heights and help you find your inner peace (oh, and you will have a lot of fun)- all in one class! This is an open-level class, perfect for beginners! The room is heated to approximately 90 degrees.

Warm Slow Soul


Warm Slow Soul is a slower paced vinyasa class where we move in every direction, but chill. This is a great class for newbies as well as our regulars. This class focuses on mobility and flexibility while slowly building fluid movement and strength. With the combination of slower movements and longer holds, you will have time to play, move, explore, and challenge yourself in new ways. Room heated to approximately 90 degrees.

Warm Yoga Sculpt


What happens when Power Hour and Barre collide? You get Yoga Sculpt. All the best parts of heated Vinyasa and conditioning techniques with props will leave you feeling strong enough to tackle anything. Open to all levels.


Beginners & Beyond


New to Yoga? Never, ever taken a class? Then start here! This is the perfect class for all levels from newbies to headstanders. Come prepared to learn so much! Modifications will be offered to meet the demands of every student.

Pilates Yoga Fusion


A class that builds muscle & stamina using the low-impact movements of Pilates but also teaches focus and relaxation through the teachings and techniques of yoga. In other words, it’s the best of both worlds. Perfect for all levels, especially beginners.

Heart & Soul


Broke as a joke but need yoga? We have the solution for you. Heart & Soul is the perfect class for anyone on a budget and the perfect place for our newest Certified Yoga Instructors to hone their teaching skills. Open to all levels and only $5 to attend.


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