know the rules,
because knowledge
is power

Every business needs rules and regulations to help promote functionality and consistency; Alma Yoga is no exceptions. But since we like you guys (a lot!) we want to make your yoga experience as easygoing and carefree as possible. With that said, please keep open communication with us if you have any questions or concerns about your class card, an experience at the studio, or anything else you would like to discuss. We will do anything in our power to accommodate you.

Class Cards and Packages

All class cards have an expiration date. These dates are noted on your sales receipt and under your MINDBODY account. If life gets in the way and makes it impossible for you to satisfy all of your classes before an expiration date, please email Alyssa at prior to the expiration date.  She will do what she can to remedy the situation.

Class cards can be shared with family members only. Wives, husbands, daughters, sons, aunts, get the picture. It'll make forcing them to come a little easier for you 🙂

Practice Policies & Procedures

  • Leave your cellphone and all of your belongings outside the studio. There are plenty of cubbies to hold onto your things until you’re done with class. And don’t worry, we lock the door at the start of each class.
  • Be mindful of personal hygiene. The practice of yoga is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can turn us into hot, sweaty messes! Applying deodorant and wiping down your feet before class is a smart habit to get yourself into. Your neighbor loves and respects you, but doesn’t want to smell your stinky feet or body odor!
  • Which brings us to our next policy: take it easy on perfumes or colognes. These scents can become overwhelming, especially in a hot class. Some people are allergic or sensitive to certain smells (cough, cough, Alyssa)
  • Don’t skip savasana. If you have to leave class early, please alert your teacher before class begins.
  • Showing up to the studio at the right time is crucial not only for your personal practice but for your teachers and peers as well. Showing up too early (45-30 mins prior to class begins) puts a lot of stress on the teacher and interferes with their mental and physical preparation for the class. Showing up late (which includes a minute before class begins and right as class begins) is even more hectic and stressful. You deserve some “downtime” before class starts. Arriving 15 minutes prior to the start of time is perfect for all parties! It gives you enough time to relax and meditate before class and it allows the teacher to prep the studio for class.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the studio.

Be kind to everyone!

Laugh and have a good time!