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Yoga, Meditation & Storytelling

This is a 2 session workshop offered on the same day (with a break in between). You can register for either Session 1, Session 2 or both sessions. **When signing up, scroll down to find the time option that you would like to attend this workshop.  This will guarantee that you will be charged correctly…

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Learn to Fly: Tips and Tricks of Arm Balances

Take your practice off the ground and into the air! In this two hour arm balance workshop you will learn the essential tips and tricks needed to fly. We will work on proper warm ups and practice drills to create both the strength and flexibility necessary to take you off the ground in poses like…

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Introduction to Neurosculpting®

Searching/looking for a simple way to de-stress? Want to change old patterns and habits? Every thought that passes through our mind causes a physical and emotional reaction throughout our whole system. The question: are our thoughts life enhancing or causing stress? With Neurosculpting, you’ll learn tools to calm your nervous system, how to look at stress (sickness, anger)…

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