Yoga, Meditation & Storytelling

This is a 2 session workshop offered on the same day (with a break in between). You can register for either Session 1, Session 2 or both sessions.

**When signing up, scroll down to find the time option that you would like to attend this workshop.  This will guarantee that you will be charged correctly and registered for the correct session**

Session 1 (90 minutes)

STUCK: This all levels flow is mindfully sequenced with a variety of yoga limbs (asana, meditation and pranayama) to encourage a gentle release of stored emotions we hold deeply in our cells.
Past experiences are stored in the sub-layers of our body when we don’t take time to STOP, ASSESS, CONNECT and REPROGRAM. If we move into adulthood without “dealing” with our emotions, they push further and further into our energetic selves. This can leave our body filled with unexplained ailments: headaches, sleeplessness, aches, pains, inflammation, chronic stress, sadness, anxiety and the more common ‘fight or flight’ reactions to current situations.
Join Becca Pati as she weaves healing, into this modified flow for emotional release.

———————-30 Minute Tea Break———————-

Session 2 (90 minutes)

TAMING THE MONKEY MIND: The mind has been known throughout many spiritual disciplines as a tricky little primate, jumping from thought to thought, disturbing our balance. Every time we give into its impulses, we fall deeper into the rabbit hole of “hamster wheel” thinking, which causes us to feel overwhelmed and ungrounded.
However, there is hope. When we tame this inexperienced monkey using several techniques to calm and still the undercurrent of our minds, we will start to finally live in the present and not in fear of the future or worry of the past. The result? We begin to cultivate a sense of clarity and knowingness.
Join Becca for this 90 minute meditative all levels journey towards peace. Guided visualizations, storytelling and gentle yoga poses will be thoughtfully used throughout the workshop.


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